Welcome to my blog!

Having tropical blood I knew moving to a colder climate would be a challenge.  I am a Caribbean-American woman from Brooklyn, NY. I moved north of the border to pursue an attractive career opportunity.   However, moving NORTH of the border also meant moving to a colder climate. And. I. Do. Not. Like. Winter.  Snow is beautiful on a postcard or even from a window, but I am not one to go out playing around in it.  So, with this move comes the challenge of surviving winter. Not only surviving but thriving.  The main purpose of this blog is to keep me motivated to run throughout the winter.

I am a runner, have been one for a long time. I was a 400-800m runner in college and immediately post-college, even becoming a locally competitive.  I used to pump out a mean 5K but in my more recent years I have moved to longer distances and a slower (but sexy) pace.  I ran the TCS NYC Marathon in 2016 and completed my 9 plus for guaranteed entry to the 2018.  With a big birthday on the horizon I wanted to celebrate with this race.  So, this means keeping in shape throughout the winter so that I will not have to start from scratch come Spring/Summer 2018.

I have been reading blogs and asking advise on winter running, in particular, gearing up.  So, on this blog I will document my cold-weather running adventures along with any other relevant and interesting experiences of living north of the border.

Thanks for visiting!