Duck Rave

I thought this blog would be about surviving winter runs until this winter when my Brooklyn running club (PPTC) has numerous threads about cold-weather running.  It is colder in Brooklyn than it is now in Calgary. On this morning’s run I didn’t even wear my fave Target’s fleece top; I wore a long sleeve under a short sleeve (both race shirts) under my jacket.  Fleece hat, gloves, tights, wool socks and snowtrax on my sneakers (yup, I am from Brooklyn were we say sneakers).

Breaking from usual patterns, I brought my cell phone so that I could share pictures of the river, which makes for a beautiful winter morning run.

IMG_4153The river was frozen over a couple of days ago, but it seems like the swift part has melted (or eroded) through.

IMG_4155View of the downtown area with the Bow River, which apparently is world renowned for fishing.

IMG_4158Ice on the river

IMG_4160Patterns in the ice on the river

I continued on my run until I reached Eau Claire and took in the remnants of a holiday that went by too fast…

IMG_4161IMG_4163IMG_4162He has been there since summer (or at least since I’ve been in Calgary).

I crossed the bridge and saw a bunch of waterfowl (Anseriformes) awakening from their slumber.  IMG_4166See the frost on their backs

IMG_4167See the spots where they spent the night; two are obviously not morning geese.


IMG_4175Breakfast buffet (I am amazed at how wild animals find food in the dead of winter). As I was admiring the birds and hearing their calls, I kept thinking that it sounded like a lot more than what I was seeing.  I kept along the path and was getting chilled so headed towards the bridge towards home.  However a little trail to right caught my attention:


I turned the corner and lo and behold, this was the party that I was missing.  This is where the nightly duck rave happens and I am now seeing the ones who are leaving (or attempting to leave) The Club.  This is when the DJ plays odd tunes and the overhead lights come on and you are compelled to leave the safety of the dance floor to enter the harsh reality of work/home/school/whatever.  This. Is. The. Duck. Club.  (tune deep house music).


IMG_4181IMG_4180This is the best of urban wildlife; a microcosm of our lives–we gather, share experiences, go on our individual adventures (sometimes with others) only to reconvene again.  This was the meeting place.  This was the Prospect Park lake for Calgary waterfowl on an off-the-chain scale.

The frost was settling on my back and in order to avoid becoming like one of the frosty ducks, I finished up my three mile loop and headed home.



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