Back in My Yard

I am back in Brooklyn.  Landing into JFK last night and seeing distinct shorelines from air–Jones Beach, Long Beach, where the Rockaways connect to Brooklyn, and Coney Island–always makes me appreciate the proximity to the ocean.


I also look forward to walking the streets of my city and, for better or worse, riding the MTA and most importantly, running in my park, Prospect Park.

This morning I went for my loop plus.  It was a damp morning as it rained during the pre-dawn hours.  Although the trees are past peak, I was able to catch some glimpses of what they looked like a couple of weeks ago with their fading oranges and yellows and with many fallen brown leaves on the wet ground.  The muted colors were heightened by the grey sky and wet, dark branches of the trees.  It was  nice, easy loop and I think that running consistently at altitude makes sea level feel easier, at least that is what I try to tell myself as I huff up the hill.

I finished up my 5 miles with a couple of strides-two on a slight hill and two on a flat.  I will now head out into the shopping throngs to buy my supplies for my Thanksgiving meal contributions because I run to eat to run some more.



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